New Bohemia Brewing Co

New Bohemia Brewing Co. (NuBo) was established in the Pleasure Point neighborhood of Santa Cruz in 2015. We offer a wide variety of beer styles, but specialize in craft lagers--both traditional and experimental.

We are open Sunday-Thursday from noon to 9 pm, and until 10 pm on Friday-Saturday.

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Brewing Sustainability

Our commitment to the community and the environment is embedded throughout our business. Our goal is to assure that our brewing system and business practices keep resource usage, waste and emissions to a minimum, even as we create a product and a destination that enhances our neighborhood and benefits the community.

  • Our brewery is a custom designed building, built according to LEED specifications with materials sourced within 500 miles of its location.
  • Designed by award winning local architect (and all around cool guy), Frank Phanton (Envirotects), the building envelope was designed to limit heat flow and infiltration.
  • The facility is solar powered, with hot water collectors providing radiant heat and significantly reducing the power demands on the grid.
  • Our boiler is certified 'ultra low NOx', reducing heat and gas emissions significantly below any legal requirements.
  • Materials and fixtures throughout the property are designed to minimize waste and emissions.
  • Gravity flow in the two level brewery reduces the need for pumping.
  • Our spent grain is picked up daily by local farmers.
  • All landscaping on site uses minimal water, composed of plants appropriate for use in a dry-summer, Mediterranean climate.  The landscape irrigation system is managed by a weather-based controller that utilizes an on-site weather station.
  • Permeable paving and light colored concrete reduces the urban ‘heat island effect’ by reflecting rather than absorbing heat from the sun. Carbon neutral concrete was used in construction, capturing CO2 from Moss Landing Power plant and entraining it into concrete to prevent its release into the atmosphere.