New Bohemia Brewing Co

New Bohemia Brewing Co. (NuBo) was established in the Pleasure Point neighborhood of Santa Cruz in 2015. We offer a wide variety of beer styles, but specialize in craft lagers--both traditional and experimental.

We are open Sunday-Thursday from noon to 9 pm, and until 10 pm on Friday-Saturday.

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Co-Founder bios

NuBo was started by Dan Satterthwaite and Mike Hochleutner, with the crucial support of friends, family members, neighbors and partners.

Dan, who is our brewmaster, started professionally brewing in the 1990s. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz, where he regularly made beer in his dorm room, he got his brewer's degree from the Siebel Institute, studying in both Chicago and Munich. He did an internship in the Black Forest of Germany, working for a family-owned brewery that's been in operation for more than a century, before returning to California to work for Trumer Pils and Gordon Biersch. Over the years, he has produced dozens of well known craft beers as a contract brewer, and has specialized in utilizing traditional European ingredients and brewing methods.

Locally, Dan has long played a key role in the beer scene. He has consulted and brewed for local microbreweries, designing recipes and commercial brew systems. He helped to co-found the Seven Bridges Cooperative, still the country's only certified all-organic home brew supply store, based in Santa Cruz. And in recent years, he has served as the Executive Director of the South Bay Brewer's Guild, representing and supporting breweries throughout the Santa Cruz and broader South Bay region. Fact: He met his wife, Sarah, while both were living in India and riding camels.

Mike also came to Santa Cruz by way of UCSC. After graduating, he traveled extensively in Europe, and eventually spent two years living and working in Slovakia as a Peace Corps volunteer, supporting the post-communist transition. He used his free time there to explore the area, its history, and its beer culture--becoming enamored with the region of Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

After the Peace Corps, Mike attended business school (Stanford), then worked for community and educational outfits in the area. He oversees Stanford's one-year master's program in management. His love of beer, breweries and Santa Cruz, though, led him to partner with Dan to make NuBo a reality.