New Bohemia Brewing Co

New Bohemia Brewing Co. (NuBo) was established in the Pleasure Point neighborhood of Santa Cruz in 2015. We offer a wide variety of beer styles, but specialize in craft lagers--both traditional and experimental.

We are open Sunday-Thursday from noon to 9 pm, and until 10 pm on Friday-Saturday.

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More than just a business, NuBo is a special place. We believe that ‘place’ and ‘history’ and ‘community’ are intrinsic to beer styles and culture, from the hop farms to the beer bar. So we have attempted to create a space that will inspire our own artistic pursuit when it comes to making beer, as well as your ability to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

We are located in Pleasure Point, named after neighborhood surf spot down the street on the east side of Santa Cruz. Our neighbors form the core of our community. Our building is a work of art and environmentally friendly, and the modern industrial space is an ideal showcase for our state-of-the-art lager system, emphasizing sustainable brewing practices.

Our brewhouse and community bar is located downstairs, allowing visitors to view the brewing process up close. Our upstairs bar and patio provide the ultimate space to enjoy the sunset and evening breeze, along with a fresh cold brew.

It also makes a great space for private events. Email ( if you want to use us!

Address: 1030 41st Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062  |  (831) 350-0253