New Bohemia Brewing Co

New Bohemia Brewing Co. (NuBo) was established in the Pleasure Point neighborhood of Santa Cruz in 2015. We offer a wide variety of beer styles, but specialize in craft lagers--both traditional and experimental.

We are open Sunday-Thursday from noon to 9 pm, and until 10 pm on Friday-Saturday.

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Will you join us? We are just getting started, but we're fortunate to have assembled an incredible team that knows how to work hard, have fun, and create a great experience for our customers. We post positions as they become available, but we are always happy to take a resume and inquiry, including for our taproom team. We look for folks that are upbeat, social, responsible, passionate (but not elitist) about beer, service oriented, fun, and interested in being part of a great team. Fun has to be a core ingredient in this enterprise, along with great beer. Otherwise, we fail. If work becomes drudgery, our beers won't be inspired. If our beers aren't great, work will become drudgery. So we need our beers to be great, first and foremost. And we need people who know how to have a good time, especially when working hard. Want to learn more? Send a note and your resume to



We are seeking highly motivated, outgoing individuals with great communication skills, and a positive attitude to join us as Taproom Bartenders.  We view our taproom as the ultimate opportunity for the public to interact with our beer, our brewery, and our employees in an environment that we maintain.  Our Taproom Bartenders are ambassadors of our beers and are responsible to provide excellent customer service in all interactions with our customers.  A love for craft beer and a comprehensive knowledge of our beers including basic ingredients and our brewing process is an essential component of this role.   If you are interested in becoming part of the NUBO family, send a note and your resume to



Anybody that has been to NuBo’s Taproom knows it is a special experience and a great place to spend time with friends and strangers. Now we want the whole world (or at least all of Santa Cruz) to know about us and why they should check us out! Our Taproom Promoter will help us employ traditional and guerrilla methods to draw local and regional beer lovers down to Pleasure Point to see what is brewing at NuBo. As Taproom Promoter, you will help us come up with creative ideas, promotions, marketing strategies, email messages, social media campaigns, partnerships, special events, merchandise, complementary products, tours, fundraisers, print collateral, beer releases, photos, videos and other things that engage people to visit our taproom and drink our beer. Send a note and your resume to